Accent Wall Paint Colors, Ideas to Change the Most Boring Walls

If you are living with a color in your home that you like, but it needs to be fresher and more interesting, what can you do besides repaint the entire wall? You have some great options that are easy, inexpensive and create a professional look.

Many options are at your fingertips. The easiest is to use a technique called sponge painting. It literally is what it says – sponge color over the existing wall and you are done. This is a very easy process with good results but you must use the correct additives to get the look you want. Sponge painting is used to create a soft blending of colors together to give the illusion of color.

You start this process mixing your accent paint color with an extender (purchased at any hardware or paint store), this extends the drying time and makes the paint translucent. Using this product allows you to get the desired effect of the soft blending of colors together. Designer note: I always use a small amount of the wall color along with the other colors, and I never use more than three colors. Don’t be afraid to put color over color for this technique, be sure to work in small areas with wet edges.

A second interesting look that I happen to like a lot is to make stripes diagonally or horizontally on the wall, this time with no paint. For this technique you simply use a polyurethane sealer…a different sheen than the sheen on the walls currently. I often use a shiner sheen, or you could do the opposite if you currently have a shinny walls.

You decided how wide you want the stripes tape them off and apply the polyurethane sealer over every other stripe and you have a finished product. It is subtle yet very striking. Designer note: make sure your lines are straight; it will be very easy to see if they are not. And carefully plan how you lay out the size of each stripe taking into consideration how they will end up at the corners and at the end of the room. Painting tip: to get a perfect edge at the tape line use a small amount of the polyurethane sealer with a paint brush and seal the edges before you start painting.

These techniques will change the look of any room, and they are both inexpensive and fun to do. You can use them to do the entire room or just an accent wall.

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