Benefits Of House Painting You Never Knew Existed

House painting comes with the obvious benefits of increasing both the value and the curb appeal of a home, but there are several other benefits that many home owners remain unaware of. Reading these impressive benefits that go hand in hand with this routine maintenance will make every home owner reconsider whether they want to paint their house this year.

Prolong the life of siding

The crisp, clean look of freshly painted vinyl siding, and the way that it hides minor defects, like scratches, is reason enough for many homeowners to want to invest in professional services, but there is one more benefits that is appealing to home owners: it can prolong the life of siding, adding years of life and saving homeowners money.

When vinyl siding is painted, the paint provides a protective barrier between the siding and the elements. Instead of a hail storm putting scratches on the siding, it will merely scratch the paint on the exterior of the home. Putting a fresh coat over these minor scrapes will be more cost-effective and less time-consuming than replacing expensive siding.

Enhance Curb Appeal

Whether home owners are selling their property or not, increasing the curb appeal of a home is always nice. The appearance of a home, and the area around it is a direct reflection of the people who live inside of the walls. Imagine driving through a neighborhood full of lawns that are not manicured, tall weeds and a home that desperately needs an exterior makeover. Now, imaging driving through a neighborhood that is the exact opposite. This is the reason curb appeal is important to owners. Individuals that plan to put their property on the market will enjoy the increased value of their property after a fresh coat of paint as well.

Thermal Comfort

Environmentally friendly families, or those simply living on a budget, will enjoy the lowered energy costs that happen after a fresh coat of paint on the outside. When homes are painted, the protective barrier that helps make siding last longer will also help keep the hot air inside during chilly winters, and the cold air outside where it belongs. With every stroke of paint, cracks will be sealed and homes will become more energy-efficient than ever before, saving homeowner’s money and helping protect our planet.

No More Bugs

While there seems to be a wealth of things that can help prevent pests from coming into a home, such as sealing windows with caulk, but homeowners can easily help prevent pests from getting inside with a new paint job. Smaller pests, such as ants and baby cock roaches, can easily infest a home by entering from the outside through cracks in the paint. Roaches can then live for months upon months by eating the insulation in the walls. It could be weeks or months before roaches are seen throughout the rest of the home. Stop them from infesting the home so bad that it will need several visits from a professional exterminator before the problem starts by taking care of the exterior of the home, and maintaining any scratches, etc.

Doing this is commonly seen as something that homeowners do simply because they want to increase the curb appeal. Having a home that looks nice on the outside and inside instills a certain sense of pride. Homeowners often realize these other benefits to painting, and then decide to keep up on the paint job. Instead of waiting like other people, homeowners can start enjoying these benefits sooner than later by investing in a professional painting service to paint their house, or by keeping up on the maintenance themselves, repairing scratches and caulking cracks.

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