Best Blue Point NY Painters For Hire

When looking for the best Blue Point Painters for hire, Painters For A Day will provide you with professional painters available to do high quality interior painting at a reasonable and low price.

Painters For A Day is your best solution to any painting jobs you might have around your home or office. Have you ever started a painting project and just not had time to complete it? Have you been spending far too much time worrying about a painting project in your home rather than completing that project?

When you hire us to be your professional painters for a day and we’ll relieve you of those worries. Let the professionals help you!

Painting your home or office yourself is much like cutting your own hair; it might seem like a good idea at the time but once you start you might end up with a mess.

Get your professional painters for a day and all the supplies (commercial grade filler, caulking, tape, and plastic) and painting equipment needed.

You can choose to hire 1 painter for a half day (4 Hours of painting for $250) or hire 1 painter for a full day (8 hours of painting for $400), or hire 2 painters for a full day (8 hours of painting for $600).


1 Painter For A Day $400 or $50 per hr

2 Painters For A Day $600 or $75 per hr

3 Painters For A Day $900 or $112 per hr

4 Painters For A Day $1200 or 150 per hr

Any project, any room or shed or fence or deck or kitchen, you get the point. . .. . . any project you would like help with your Painter for a Day can handle it.

It’s easy

You supply the paint and point at what you’d like painted and we’ll do the painting!

Give us a summary of what you would like painted and we will bring the equipment that’s needed.

Our Painter for a Day program includes:

Attentive service from an expert painter

4–8 hours of quality craftsmanship

A fully-equipped company vehicle with all necessary equipment and materials

Our painters are highly skilled and knowledgeable in all of the following areas:

Hire Painters

Interior Painting

Wall Preparation

Drywall Repair

Wallpaper Removal

Wood Finishing & Restoration (Stain, Varnish & Lacquer)

Contact Us to schedule your very own Painter for a Day!

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