Common House Painting Mistakes

Have you ever read horror stories about house painting mistakes? Among the worst of all these tales would be the case where painting services end up painting the wrong house! Granted, such a disastrous error is rare but not so rare would be the instance of the service painting the right house the wrong color. Needless to say, such an error will not leave the owners of the house very thrilled with the work that was performed.

While it is true that the vast majority of professional house painting services are highly professional and not prone to making egregious errors, the truth of the matter is accidents do happen. In some instances, the mistakes that occur can be quite problematic which is why you, the home owner, need to be mindful of the most common mistakes that painting services will make.

In no particular order, here are some of the most frequently reporting mistakes which occur:

Without a doubt, among the most troubling mistakes a painting service will make is damage to your property. Then again, to call such an outcome a mistake is merely being kind. This is negligence pure and simple! The damage incurred could be to the floor, carpets, or furniture. Even the walls or the ceiling can be damaged in some way. The costs of the re¬pair work in such an event can be enormous which is why this “mistake” should not be taken lightly.

Another common mistake would be an improper paint job that just does not look right. Sloppy work or uneven painting seriously detracts from the visual appeal of an interior or exterior. You do not want your house painted “any old way.” You want it painted properly and in a manner that adhered to all levels of quality. Why would you ever expect anything less?

To paint a home requires a lot of work, a lot of splashing paint, and a lot of moving things around. This is just part and parcel of performing such a job and should not be much of a problem as long as everything is returned to its proper condition after all work is completed. This is where a house painting mistake can rear its head: the service leaves your home in a state of disarray when done. That is just inexcusable and unprofessional!

Timeliness is also a critical factor when you want to have your home painted. When painting services state they will start on a certain date then that is the date they should be starting. The same thing goes for when they state they will finish. If they say the job should take two days, they should not still be painting on day five. Your time and schedule is valuable and this is why house painting companies need to be accurate when they quote timeframes in which the work is to be performed.

Thankfully, the vast majority of house painting services is professional and will deliver on all expectations. That said, there will be those services prone to not deliver on expectations. You just have to be on the lookout for them if you want to be sure the job you need done is done right.

We want to paint your house with the utmost perfection. It’s very important to us that you feel confident that you selected us to take care of this very important responsibility. Call us today and you will be glad you chose Turner’s Painting Inc. That’s our promise.

We will not make promises we cannot deliver. If we say your house will be painted on a such and such date, that’s when the job will be completed. Not one single day after that.



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