Deck Staining In Long Island, New York

Turner's Painting Company is proud to offer Deck Staining in Long island, NY. We also provide Deck Restoration in Long island, New York.

Sun exposure, wind and rain can damage the surface of your Long island deck in no time! UV rays and moisture can damage deck surfaces that have lost their protective seal. let the experts at Turner's Painting Company restore your deck's beauty and protect your investment. Turner's Painting Company in Long island, New York is a deck staining specialists and have years of experience in caring for decks.

Long Island Deck Staining Preparation

No deck staining job in Long Island is too big or too small. Turner's Painting Company will prepare your deck in its entirety prior to staining or painting:

First, we will thoroughly pressure wash the deck, ensuring that all dirt, mildew, moss, and any damaged surface wood fibers have been carefully cleaned leaving behind a smooth, ready-for-stain surface.

Rough areas are sanded as needed to restore a smooth finish.

Then, Turner's Painting Company will then help you choose the right stain or paint to compliment your home and landscaping.

Finally, we carefully apply one or more coatings of high-grade paint or stain that can withstand the damaging heat and UV of the summer sun, the cold of winter, and regular exposure to moisture.

Rest assured your Long Island deck staining project is in good hands with the high-quality painters at Turner's Painting Company Inc. We have been staining and painting decks in Long Island for over 10 years, and we look forward to enhancing yours! Call (631) 355-7021.


Turner's Painting Company Can Stain Any Deck in Long Island!

Turner's Painting Company's 10 years of experience allow us to be prepared to stain any Long Island deck. We offer affordable services to our clientele that are always completed in a timely manner.

Turner's Painting Company can help your deck look great and be the envy of the neighborhood, so give us a call at 631) 355-7021 to get started on your Long Island deck staining project.