How to Get a Paint Job When Your Painting Estimate Price is High

How to Get a Paint Job When Your Painting Estimate Price is High. Do you assume that painting customers always buy the lowest price? Well they don’t always buy the lowest price paint estimate. Here are a few reasons why.

When Your Painting Estimate Price is High

1) The cheapest painter is usually not the best painter. And often the cheapest painter is a newbie, that doesn’t know the things that go into a good paint job, such as prep and protection that add costs to the job.

2) The cheapest painter may be low balling the price just to grab the job. That painter may not be a good painter, and may not have work because of the fact that painter is not experienced. Do you buy the lowest price?

3) Often customers feel that the lowest priced paint estimate can’t be trusted for various reasons. One big reason is that the painter may take the deposit and not finish on time or take a longer time to finish than is needed.

4) Think about your own buying habits. Do you always buy the cheapest things? Do you buy cheap tools? Lots of times cheap tools mean that you buy the tool twice, when the cheap one breaks and the second time to buy the higher quality tool. We all have had experience with cheap tools breaking. Sometimes the lowest price means the contractor missed a part of the job. Somebody who is more thorough turns out to be the highest priced.

5) Who would you want to do work on your home? Do you want to have the contractor with the dirty truck or beat up truck? I feel if the contractor has a decent truck that the contractor is successful, and it’s not just the truck it’s the overall feeling of success.

6) It’s an odd thing about buyers, often they will look at a higher price as proof that the quality of the contractor is there. In other words the higher price proves that the quality is there.

7) Take the time to hand deliver your estimate. Never email or fax your estimate. It says more about the contractor who hand delivers the estimate. When you deliver the estimate is when to sell, not on your measure call. I always try to be the last contractor in. I do a two part call. The first call is strictly to measure, I never do any selling on the first call. I save the selling for when I have the finished estimate in hand.

Learn How to Get a Paint Job When Your Painting Estimate Price is High

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