Interior Painting Tips: Colors and Finishes for Small Spaces

When it comes to the least expensive and quickest home improvements that lends the greatest impact when it comes to changing the look and feel in homes, nothing beats interior painting. There comes a time when a splash of change is crucial to enhance any room’s ambiance.

Especially for families and homeowners living it up in bustling big cities such New York, these changes no matter how little can surely up the ante of everyday living and can even make your place a more appealing and relaxing place to go home to. However one challenge is the commonly small space that many are forced to make do with. Here are interior painting tips on what colors and finishes best suit small spaces ideal whether you are in Long Island, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn or Staten Island.

1. Go Light on Shades

If you are working on small spaces, light colors are best used in your project. Lighter tones work great in creating an illusion of a more spacious room by making the walls and ceiling seem much farther than they really are. Neutrals and pastels will not only lend your rooms an airier feel but will also complement well with an extremely wide range of décor, designs and color scheme.

2. One Color, Various Shades

Pursuing a monochromatic color scheme avoids any disruption to the visual flow that the room showcases which is the case if you try to mix and match contrasting colors. It is important to note though that monochromatic does not mean just one color, but one in varying shades. The variation allows for a spark of interest in your interior painting result. And you can use this not only in using different color tones for your paint but also for other design elements included in the interior such as fabrics, furniture and furnishings.

3. Shiny is Splendid

Interior painting involving smaller spaces will benefit more from glossy types of finishes. For walls, you can choose to have semi gloss or eggshell finishes and trimmings will be more accentuated with a glossy finish. This shine in the finish is another factor that makes rooms seem bigger. Be careful though when using these on walls that are not in great conditions as such finish types also make flaws more obvious.

Other than the paint, another way to achieve a more spacious look is through the use of radiant lights whether natural or artificial. Increase reflectivity in the area by integrating mirrors and furniture that are made from see-through or reflective materials such as glass, metal, richly glazed wood and polished natural stone.

4. To Top It Off

In your interior painting project, the ceiling should be painted with a color that is several shades lighter than that of your walls. This will make it look higher than it really is. Choose a product with some gloss to maximize the effect. Also if you want to add trimmings on wall joints, be careful with the sizes. Do not overwhelm the design by adding trimmings that are too big.

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