Painting Estimate How to Get More Paint Jobs

Painting Estimate How to Get More Paint Jobs. Do you think that selling paint jobs is just giving a low price and letting the customer decide which painting contractor has the lowest price? Do you believe that price is the only thing on people’s minds when they buy from a contractor? If your paint estimate was equal to the next painter but that painter was arrogant, nasty, physically dirty and had booze on his breath; which painter would the customer choose?

What I am getting at is the idea that price is not the only factor when a customer chooses a paint contractor. The biggest excuse I hear from paint contractors is that they either lose jobs because their price is too high or they don’t estimate a job correctly.

Painting Estimate How to Get More Paint Jobs

Think about the following items when doing a painting estimate.

1) Customers want value when deciding which paint estimate they will go with. What is value? It is not the cheapest price. It is the belief that the customer is getting more worth for the price from one painting contractor than the other.

2) Quality is relative to the price. If the customer believes that the painting estimate is too low then they might think that the paint contractor is either low balling, inexperienced or cutting costs by cheapening the job in some way or another. The customer will then believe that they are not getting good value from that paint estimate and will not but from that contractor even if the price is lower.

3) Service is a big issue in itself. Is the painting contractor perceived as being dependable, will the paint contractor finish the job in the quickest time? Will the contractor finish at all? If the contractor fails in some service issue, is the customer getting good value?

4) Do you buy the cheapest tools, food, clothing or anything else? As a professional painting contractor, you know that buying cheap tools can mean that you will possibly buy a tool twice, once when the cheap tool breaks and the second time when you buy a good tool to replace the cheap tool that broke. Is cheap the best value? The client thinks about this when looking at a house painting estimate.

To win more estimates, establish in your client’s minds that they will receive better value from you. The way to sell more is to educate your customers. Selling is education, and educating your customers will get you more customers. Does the client believe that you will give them more or less when you do work for them?

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